I have decided to pursue other interests and I am ever grateful for your patronage these last three years. Thank you.


Each dish carefully crafted with home-made brines, rubs, and sauces each Saturday morning.  Smoked with blends of hickory and apple woods. Absolutely no Gas or Electricity used.

The Beer Pale also has a great selection of sandwiches and salads available along with a great seasonal rotation of local & regional craft beers on tap.  Click The Beer Pale Menu for other offerings.

Location & Hours of Production

Beginning at High Noon

Every Saturday at The Beer Pale

Next to Flip Burger Boutique

4109 Charlotte Ave.

Nashville, TN


Catering Parties

Given two days advance notice, gives me enough time to purchase meats, brine & marinade for 12 hours, and perfectly smoke your meats 12-15 hours for your small or large party. Please call 931-361-1601 and we will contact you to accommodate your next event.

The Difference


A Middle Tennessee native and a graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville and the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Chef Kent mastered finance and economics.  His business interests took him back to Africa a number of times, most recently to Burundi in Central Africa where he served as the managing director of a local bank before he embarked on his career as pitmaster.  As always, he found himself in the kitchen usually with a fine bourbon or glass(es) of wine enjoying great food with friends.  Kent has traveled as an explorer and humanitarian aid worker to many parts of Latin America, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, discovering, among other things, that nothing captures the culture of a place quite like its food.   Bight of the Bend is barbecue , yes just like any regional BBQ staple across the US, but the flavors experienced at Bight of the Bend will take you on an adventure to a unique, storied reflection of Kent’s life and those who influenced his repertoire of spice around the world from learning culinary skills from Turkey’s Top Chef, learning and sharing recipes in rural African/Asian villages, sometimes avoiding gunfights, or just enjoying wine, it’s cheer, & great dinners with culinary fanatics around the world. The spices experienced are a direct result of personal life experiences by Kent & his friends around the world.  Nothing is crafted by corporate food scientist to make a buck and, while respected for talent, no spice or ingredient is created/fused by Chefs just because it’s trendy.   What you taste at Bight, was experienced & learned in some of the most lost & beautiful places in the world.  In 2015, regional readers voted Bight of the Bend as one of the best restaurants of the Upper Cumberland.  Now, Nashville awaits this award winning cuisine every Saturday at The Beer Pale off Charlotte Ave.