Visit us every Friday & Saturday night with doors opening at 5 until 9.

If you would like to make reservations, please click Book on our widget!  Or walk-in anytime between 5pm to 8pm any Friday or Saturday evening.  Hope to see you and friends soon!


EXPECTATIONS DISCLAIMER:  While the word has spread how great our BBQ is, I have to say we are not your ‘normal’ bbq joint as one guy once complained.   He wanted normal bbq sauce.  We are more of an upscale smokehouse focusing on quality, unique tasting meats at to me are very affordable prices for the home-made quality and the costs of the atmosphere.  If you prefer white-washed walls, brick & mortar and processed foods that are cheaper you will not enjoy it here and find it too expensive.   We are neither an organic restaurant but for our market and price point, we avoid processed foods as well as chemicals and pesticides common in most foods these days as much as financially possible for our market.  We also don’t serve iceberg lettuce that many thought was a healthy salad because it actually has near zero nutritional value or flavor and does not match the flavor profile of our cuisine.  We also don’t boil pork, add liquid smoke to make you think it was smoked, microwave it, cover it up in sauce and add sides that were made weeks ago at a manufacturing plant which then has chemicals and preservatives many have linked to cancer and other health problems.   In addition, for the sake of simplicity, prices are inclusive of tax.  Gratuity is a flat $3 pp (see why by clicking here) which helps us pay fair wages to staff while at the same time it actually costs you less overall so we can focus the extra savings by providing you with quality cuisine.    If you appreciate this and love our menu as much as people rave about, please click our red widget link to make reservations. Book on our widget! Or walk-in on any Friday or Saturday night!  Reservations are not required but we get pretty packed some nights and end up having to turn people away.  And since we focus on fresh, quality ingredients, we can only serve a limited number of people each weekend.  Again, if you want normal bbq, and there is nothing wrong with that because as I am writing this, I just ordered some, but you will be happier and save $1 more going elsewhere to be honest.  It’s ok because I want you to be happy and have a wonderful weekend.   But if you like dining in places with beautiful, cool atmospheres coupled with quality, unique, tasty bbq & sauces, that are as fresh as possible and which many have claimed maybe the best Ribs, Chicken, sauces, Prime Rib, and Shrimp & Grits, not only in the Region but the South and in your life, then it is my hope you will most definitely enjoy us!